ETSDEDRETESINOHOSAPSEts de dretes i no ho saps (You’re conservative and you don’t know it) (Mina, L’Arquer Collection, Edicions 62, 2008). In a familiar tone, and always accompanied with a dose of irony, this book surveys the questions which habitually serve to falsify debates about the left – right political spectrum. With abundant examples taken from everyday life, the work dismantles the pernicious clichés about conservatism which are widely accepted in Catalonia and which make identification with conservatism impossible.

favonadesFavonades. Escates de pensament (Favonades. Fragments of thought) (Explica Edicions, 2009). This book is a collection of opinion articles published in the newspaper Avui and in El Singular Digital, between September 2008 and December 2009. With a prologue by Francesc-Marc Àlvaro, the compilation brings new life to a series of reflections written during this period, given that texts published in the contemporary media are born and die within only one day.

abecedaridelallibertatAbecedari de la llibertat – Missatge escrit (Alphabet of Freedom – A Written Message) (1997). This is a collective work by writers and poets from Terres de l’Ebre consisting of texts which accompany the sculptures of Abecedari de la llibertat, an exposition presented by regional artists, comprised of twenty eight works representing the letters of the alphabet. The sculptures are found throughout the former city center of Poble Vell of Corbera d’Ebre, an area left vacant after being the focus of intense bombing during the Civil War. Each artistically rendered letter serves as the basis of a word, and the pieces function together to convey meaning. The purpose of the project is to foment justice and peace.